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We welcome you to Global Power Electronics. We aim to offer exceptional value to our customers and partners through advanced technologies and cost effective solutions in power converter subsystems with superior performance, greatly improving efficient energy usage.



Our approach in providing a solution to our customers involves our systematic and integrated process that involves system level design in combination with evaluation and selection of the best components technology. To surpass the customers’ needs, we develop some of the key components and critical integration processes ourselves based on the fundamental technologies in electronics and material science.


We invite our partners, customers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to strive together to bring about path-breaking and long-term solutions in efficient energy utilization with a lasting benefit to our future generations with an abundant and intelligent source of energy.


Today, the biggest challenge we face is that of energy recovery and its efficient utilization to meet with the surging energy needs and to cope with fast depleting energy reserves. To meet these formidable challenges, we have solutions that efficiently and economically convert power, thus reducing the wasted energy as heat, and at the same time, helping to reduce pollution in our environment.


Our products are based on fundamental technologies based on novel power subsystem topology, high bandgap semiconductor devices for power switching, Silicon on Insulator (SOI) IC’s for high temperature power control circuitry and high temperature, and MCM die level integrated packaging. The underlying technologies of our product provide essential low-cost value to our customers through its high performance and reliable operations in a very demanding environment.


We provide an array of converters for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Some of the typical applications are motor drives for hybrid electric, plug-in electric, and fuel cell vehicles in the automotive industry and converters for solar cell and wind power generators in renewable energy.  Our high-temperature power electronics also have applications for oil wells and the geothermal energy industry.

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